Summistic Paintings

We have two new paintings in our Etsy stop that are part of a series, although they can be purchased either together or separately. The one on the left is called “Green Head Out of an Oasis” and the one on the right is called “Pink Head Out of an Oasis”. These demonstrate Summism, which is an art form created by Julie Pitman.



photo 2

This painting is an example of some of her work from the 90’s. This is a very large painting, measuring about 5 feet wide. It features a fun scene of an R & B club in South Dallas called House of Jock. The bright colors and attention to detail help the viewer to experience being there in person.

Here is what the artist says about this scene,

The House of Jock was a famous juke joint at “The End of the Line” (bus) in South Dallas off Hatcher and Hwy 175. It was owned by Jacque and many talented musicians played there in clouding Freddie King.
Charles Johnson was the band leader when I won 3rd place singing there. He played at Jack Rubies clubs and was a great keyboard player and singer. Tutu Jones Daddy, Preacher, and Chonita Turner were regular performers at House of Jock.
There was a western mural on the front of club. You could always get barbecue from “The Meat Man” and ladies brought food and shared with me. Everyone was very kind and fun. I never mastered the dance Walkin’ the Dog” but it was really a happening place. Groups of singers would dance in unison and were dressed in Sunday suits & Hats.