Artist Bio

pitmansinafricaI grew up in Africa where I watched my father paint and saw the ebony carvers at work. These were my first experiences with art.

Leonardo di Vinci was one of my heroes and I felt it was important to learn technical art as well as fine art. I was a mechanical and structural designer for many years.

After I retired from that, I began focusing on collage. I was already a perspective artist and could draw anything from my years of doing portraits and perspective drawings of mechanical and structural items.

Then I began to paint seriously, feeling that collage had a lack of permanence. I went to New York and became assistant curator for the Katzen-Brown gallery in Manhattan.

After learning what I could, I came back to Texas and began studying stone sculpture. I had seen Rome as a child and the stone sculptures really influenced my life. From age eight on, I sculpted faces in my sand pile almost every day. I feel that permanence is very important in art.

I love hand-painted furniture. When I was a child and staying in Rome, I saw beautiful hand-painted furniture and that influenced my art as well. I love combining collage and photo(1)paintings on functional items.
I love Modigliani’s work in stone and in 2005, I went to Pietrasanta, Italy to study stone sculpture under the Italian masters Mario Viviani and Gino Lombardi at Rossi Studios.  After this, I began working at Our Studio in Oakland, California. I could get sculptural marble and translucent stones across the street at Renaissance Stone.I began creating my series, “Women with Hairdos”. There are 11 busts at this time. Ten of the busts are in translucent green soapstone and one is in orange alabaster. I carved in California every summer for 13 years.

photo 1I helped carve the first forty feet of the Concordia Wall, in Concordia, Kansas, with Jane Saunders who I met in Italy. This wall was carved from wet bricks. I also carved a 5 feet marble sculpture of Plenty, the goddess of harvest, which was a commissioned piece.

Returning to Texas, I have exhibited and carved at many places, and taught stone sculpture to many people. I enjoy teaching but my first love is permanent works of art. I have also created some brick monuments out of cloud brick.

Currently I am working on a fish and mermaid series from recycled granite, marble, and Indiana limestone. I really enjoy quick sculptures which is funny because sculpture doesn’t seem very quick. My whimsical fish, birds, and other stone pieces made out of recycled stone gives me a sense of happiness that I am recycling trash.

walterI really enjoy steampunk art. I made “Walter the Stand-up Waiter” out of recycled materials, including concrete, wood, and metal. He has a pocket watch heart, and is on exhibit at Sky Pony Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Then I made three Godzillas out of painted rock heads and metal objects. These are kinetic sculptures. I am currently working on “Aliens from the Nazca Lines in Peru” and creating an alien family. When I am done, I will have a “Steampunk Alien vs. Godzillas” on display soon and they will all have pocket watch hearts.